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Like roses that die in the winter and grow in spring, our winter was in Syria,  when war started. It was dark and we were surrounded by destruction. When we decided to travel to look for safety for our families, it was a long journey with many barriers, including loss of loved ones, saying goodbye to our beloved home and not knowing when or if we will meet again.

When we arrived, we a had a new identity- that of a refugee, a vulnerable group, deserving of pity. Making us feel weak, nervous and separate. We were asking ourselves "how are we going to re-build our life here and ever feel at HOME.


 Then came the spring, Nuha Abdo - our director, started a weekly group for Syrian women called Syrian Sisters. To help and support each other. We started to cook for our community, to introduce them to our culture and make friends. We started to feel that we could build a life and be proud of our culture and our journey. We realised that we have more in common than that which divides us. 


We want to build our own futures and be proud of our culture and identity. We have tried our food and service at prestigious events, as well as running a successful weekend service in Flo's cafe, in Florence park Oxford.


We hope you will share in our story from this point on.... We want to build our business providing takeaway, catered events and wholesale products. 


We aim to support our members by paying living wage, well being mentoring, and a positive and constructive work environment. We hope to empower other community and create a positive expierience for our staff members, customers and friends.  


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Meet The Team

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Nuha Studied Sociology to masters level and was a qualified social worker in Syria. She is passionate about helping others, particularly women. Nuha moved to the UK in 2016. Nuha's passion for helping others and forming relationships has led to a rich network of friends, partners and experiences. She is driving for pride and equality for the women she helps. She works for Oxford University as a community networker and is starting  for Health watch as  community outreach. She wants to help women from her community create enterprise and be self sufficient and independent.



Fadiya is a loved and trusted member of our team. She is a calm and caring, nurturing cook! She has been managing our services at Flos cafe and is gaining confidence through her work and our community.



Also arrived in the UK in 2016 with her husband and 2 small boys. She arrived via Jordan and joined her mother in law, Fadiya. She has been studying English and  is interested in psychology. but for now is excited about developing Damascus Rose 


Nawar grew up in Damascus.She studied banking and accounting at university before becoming a recruitment  specialist in a telecoms company. She came to Oxford in 2019 and set about voulenteering as a tour guide and admin assistant at the Pitt Rivers meuseum. We hope that she will take care of our accounts at Damascus rose kitchen and develop her business skills.

Supported by... 

Flo's cafe, Aspire and Molly Dodd. Damascus Rose Kitchen thanks you for your continued support.